2 Vs 1 Gauntlet

category: Decision-making

Set up two 1m wide gates of cones (green and red) either side of a feeder, with a line of attackers opposite (5m away). Have a number of defenders ...

Punt Kicks

category: Kicking

• The aim of the drill is to develop kickers through the gate and keeping square onto the kick.

Quick Positioning, Passing And Support

category: Agility-Running-Skills

4 players start together on their stomachs next to each other.

  1. As the coach calls a colour cone, they move into position quickly.
  2. ...

Web Videos

Aru smart rugby - the gate

The 'gate' itself is not in the Law Book. It is a construct we use to explain the Law which says a player must approach the tackle from behind the bal...



Ruck through the Gate

Teach your team to ruck safely, effectively and quickly. By going 'through the gate' you'll avoid giving away penalties and encourage better binding

Community Drills

Tunnel runs

Players run through the gates, as they do so they are passed the ball from one side and must pass the ball onto the other side. This should pract...

Tackle gates

the coach calls a colour matching one of the cone gates.the ball carrier runs through the gate defender attempts to tackle the ball carrier.players sw...

Mike's Rucking drill

Rucking drill the atacking team carry the ball into contact, form a three man ruck when the ball is won the fourth man carries the ball around the red...

Organisational Drills- Support Play

Diamond Touch Support Drill- Offloadconverge in the gap -create the diamond -off load after tackle Support Drill- GateSupport from behind: Get &ldquo...