Kick And Join The Attack 5 V 4

category: Decision-making

Rugby Kick and join the attack 5 v 4 Decision making One player kicks the ball to ... the kicking team run to support the catcher to play a 5 v 4 aga...

3 Touch Kick

category: Warm-Up

Rugby 3 Touch Kick Warm Up Split your players into two teams, giving one group of players a set of coloured bibs to set them apart, and quickly tell ...

Link Touch

category: Match-Related

Rugby Link Touch Match Related Set up as a standard game of touch rugby, with two teams. The playing area should be wide and not too long. Every touc...

Continuous Attacking

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Continuous Attacking Agility & Running Skills Groups of four, 1 attacker and three defenders Coach calls out the number of a defender as the at...

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Phase Play and Continuity

Continue to build the phases in your play and get your team working as an unit to offer support with this session!