3 Vs 2

category: School

Simple 3 v 2, with two defenders with tackle bags.

The attackers must pass their way through the grid, using quick passes and good handling,...

Counter Ruck

category: Ruck

Condition the drill in favour of 1 team, in this case the blue team.

All players lay on their fronts behind the tackle bags. On the coaches...

Crash Through 2 Tackle Bags

category: Tackling

Basic but good warm up drill for matches.

4 cones set up a grid of about 5-10m by 5-10m. 2 defenders with tackle shields start in the centre...

Drift Defence

category: Defensive-Patterns

  • 4 Tackle Bags.
  • 10 Cones and 1 Ball.
  • 10m x 30m.
  • The first player in the line begins with the ball. As he approaches the ...

    Web Videos

    Rugby slow motion tackle bag - 500fps

    Great slow motion footage of a player hitting a tackle bag. Shot at 500fps. Comment and subscribe to our channel for more slow mo.... Twitter @rugbysl...



    Community Drills

    Ruck - Clearing players at Breakdown

    (a)Both teams start onTeam w/ ball player straddles tackle bag and defends ballOther player in and clears player out Clear out w/Roll(B)Use tackl...

    impact tackle warm up

    split into 5s line up on the 5M line against each opposite a tackle channelThe remaining groups of 5 line up behind them5 players on tackle bags, on &...

    Leg Drive

    A - Players jog up to tackle bagsD - Players drive through tackle bag while D pushes back