Spin Pass

category: Passing

Rugby Spin Pass Passing The aim of the drill is to develop a long spin pass.

Spin Pass Practice

category: Passing

Rugby Spin Pass Practice Passing This is a simple yet very effective exercise designed for players to focus on spin passing accuracy. Players start i...

Pass Developer

category: Sevens

Rugby Pass Developer Sevens Tell the players the following...... Players should make 10 passes each between the 5 meter and the touch line. When they...

Passing Circle

category: Passing

Rugby Passing circle Passing Tell your players the following..... There will be 4 players on the outside of the circle, starting at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o...

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spin pass

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Normal Pass + Spin Pass + Adaptation

Branco: Passe NormalVermelho: Passe que gira- Pegar a bola longe- 1st Cabeça, 2nd Passe- Finalizar passe com as mãos no alvo- Comunicação (Fundo, long...

spin pass

this practice is designed to make the players pass more accurate and add length to the passto make the drillharder you could add more oppodents or ext...

handling #1..

3 groups of players , A,B,C A runs to first cone and passes the ball to the right, to players B , player B runs forward to the cone and passes to...