Drills: Sandwich ball

sandwich ball Rugby
sandwich ball
4 player with pads are trying to wedge or push the player in
Beat the runner Rugby
Beat the runner
Passing Warm-Up The aim is put pressure on
Call the pass! 3 + 1 Rugby
Call the pass! 3 + 1
Players work in groups of 4, with one ball per group. /p&g
next line through Rugby
next line through
4 - 5 players in a line with the next 4 - 5 line of players b
Contact pass back. Rugby
Contact pass back.
Player with the ball runs into contact then passes the ball b
3 + 1 Rugby
3 + 1
Groups of 4 One ball per group /li&g
Agility Slalom - Race Rugby
Agility Slalom - Race
Set up the cones as shown. 12 Cones with 2
Passing compas Rugby
Passing compas
Players in pairs about 3 - 5 meters apart. They should contin
Running Warm Up Rugby
Running Warm Up
Players work individually Players run in an
Relay passing race Rugby
Relay passing race
1) All team - legs straddle - pass ball between legs to back
Bulldog on knees Rugby
Bulldog on knees
Simple game for teaching tackling when on your knees. /p&g
Rip and present conditioning Rugby
Rip and present conditioni
Players stand in a inner circle and have an outer circle 5 m
Call the pass! 3 + 1 Rugby
Call the pass! 3 + 1
Groups of 4 One ball per group &
1 Vs 1 Rugby
1 Vs 1
Work in pairs Coach calls out a number and
Agility Fitness Drill Rugby
Agility Fitness Drill
Set up the practice as shown above. 40m x
Lower back stretch Rugby
Lower back stretch
Players lie flat on their back and bend their knees together
2 vs 1 - 3 vs 2 - 5 vs 4 Rugby
2 vs 1 - 3 vs 2 - 5 vs 4
2 players start with the ball and play a 2 vs 1 they then for
Ball around the head. Rugby
Ball around the head.
Handle the ball around the head in a clockwise direction 3 t
round and round Rugby
round and round
Players in 4 or 5 set out the cones as shown on the picture.&