Lesson 5 Set Up

category: Tag-Rugby

Tag Rugby Lesson 5 Pitch Layout Set out the grid as shown 4 x Rugby Balls 12 x Tag Belts 3 x Yellow Cones Additional Equipment Req. 20 metres 5 m Ins...

Coaching Tool

category: Coaching-tool

Rugby Coaching tool Coaching tool. ... Explanation of symbols used in Rugby practices Path of ball Path of player Cones ... Full Rugby Pitch Drill Th...


category: Kicking

Rugby Baseball Kicking Set up a pitch area (green cones) based on the age of the players (depending on how far they can kick) with fielders spread ou...


Community Drills

Warm up

half paced jog around the outside of half of a rugby pitch. Once lap is completed sprint to opposite corner. turn and run opposite direction to way ru...