Static Flat Pass

category: Passing

Rugby Static Flat Pass Passing The aim of the drill is to develop a short push pass.

Push Push 3

category: Sevens

Rugby Push Push 3 Sevens Tell the players the following...... When the attack advances the defenders PRESS UP on the attack. The attackers must pass ...

Chasing The Pass

category: Passing

Rugby Chasing The Pass Passing Keep your player briefing short, and get the ball moving around the circle as quickly as possible. First have the play...

Pop And Pass

category: Passing

Rugby Pop and Pass Passing Tell the players the following.... The player on the cone passes the ball forward to the player just in front of the cone,...

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Community Drills

Phase Passing

Coach/SH calls 'up'SH passes to 1 then 2 then 3 receiversReceivers square up to their run (i.e. hips, feet and shoulders faceing North and South after...

Push Pass Technique 9:30 - 9:40

Will show the pupils the correct way to hold and push pass a rugby ball effectively and efficiently.Important to get the correct grip. Then "cock...