Punt Kicks

category: Kicking

ā€¢ The aim of the drill is to develop kickers through the gate and keeping square onto the kick.

Box Kick

category: Practices-for-Juniors

The box kick is a very dangerous tactic for attack and defense. When attacking it can apply immense pressure on a team by putting the ball behind them...

Team Kicking Game

category: Kicking

Two teams of 2. 1 team attacking and the other team defenders. Attacking team starts with a ball. Aim of the game is for the attacking team to reach ...

Web Videos

Rugby kicking technique

USA Eagles back coach and current Stanford head coach, Matt Sherman teaches the fundamentals of drop- punting a rugby ball.


Community Drills

Kick Tennis

Split the group into three teams.One team starts in the middle of the grid along the line. The idea of the game is to kick the ball over the middle te...