Strengthening The Power Stride

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Strengthening the Power Stride Agility & Running Skills Players need to work their way up the cones, moving from one leg to another, winding up...

1V1 Evasion

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby 1v1 evasion Agility & Running Skills 2 players start on opposite end of a ... must try and beat the defender with his feet agility, evasion, po...

Side-Stepping The Opponent

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Side-stepping the opponent Agility & Running Skills Players line up and ... strides when they get close, they step to one side with the POWER S...

Evasion Race

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Evasion race Agility & Running Skills Divide your players into two groups and set up two lines of cones ... Strengthening the Power Stride Dril...

Web Videos

Speed grid

designed by John Pryor A simple repeate speed test using rugby field markings. Easily able to specific requisite velocities with simple markings. For ...