Attacking Kick On The Move

category: Kicking

Rugby Attacking Kick On The Move Kicking Practice short kicks while attacking forward (not standing still). The attackers are aiming to land their ki...

Catching A High Ball

category: Catching

Quickly move to the ball's 'drop zone' Adjust position to get under ball, hands up and ready to take ball Turn the body to protect during contact and...

Quick Positioning, Passing And Support

category: Passing

Rugby Quick Positioning, passing and support Passing 4 players start together on their stomachs next to each other. As the coach calls a colour cone,...

Agility Cones

category: Agility-and-running-skills

Rugby League Agility cones Agility and running skills From the start position, run out to the centre set of cones. Quickly move sideways to the left ...

Goal Kick Foot Placement

category: Kicking

Rugby Goal Kick Foot Placement Kicking Players looking to get the non kicking foot close to tee. ... Kick Off Height. View this drill. Find The Gap G...

Mini-Goal Game

category: Kicking

Rugby Mini-Goal Game Kicking Game to practice controlling the ball. Set up two goals (roughly 2m wide) opposite each other about 5m away (red cones -...

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Position Specific Speed Training

Get your team the fastest and most agile out there. As the season deepens, we all need to stay on top of our game; make sure every position is covered...