Floor/ Seal/ Clear/ Pick

category: Ball-Presentation

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Ruck Over, Pickup

category: Ruck

Rugby Ruck Over, Pickup Ruck Ball carrier goes to ground and places ball Support ... now in place Next player has time to decide option, pass or pick ...

Broken Defence

category: Sevens

On the call of 1, 2 or 3 - they should attack - aiming to score a try at the opposite end of the grid. The defenders will go in the numbers.

Leave No Man Behind

category: Warm-Up

COACHING POINTS. You don't have to focus on all of the following coaching points, pick the points that are most applicable to your session and trainin...

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Community Drills

5meter scrum defense

Fromt the moment the ball is lost at the put in. 9 should drop back to defend for a pick and go from the attacking 8

Copy of Voorwaartsen met Freek

1. Ruck verd/aanv.Twee gelijke groepen.Reageer of de ruck aanvallend of verdedigend is.- Aanvallend 4 man in. Rest voor pick and go- Verdedigend 2 man...

Autosave 17282104

Breakdown decision making.Contest over the bags. Winner then presents the ball. Team mates then decide to either pick and go or protect the ball....

attacking drill

Options1: 9 pass to forward infront of 10 forwards to support 2: 9 passes to 103: 9 pick and go inbetween 2 defenders then have inside or outside...