Scrum Pass

category: Passing

Rugby Scrum Pass Passing Rear foot close to the ball Crouch down bending the legs not at the waist Point lead foot at the target player No pick up or...

On Your Back - Rolling Pass

category: Off-Loads

Rugby On your back - rolling pass Off Loads Set Up Between 3 to 15 players - 1 to ... to free player off load, offload, on your back, passing, rollin...

Rugby Baseball

category: Passing

Rugby Rugby Baseball Passing Split your team into two teams. One team will be up to bat/kick and the other team will field. The fielding team should ...


category: Passing

Rugby Dizzy Passing There will be one ball carrier at any one time. They will run around the circle, passing the ball. The ball must be handled by al...

Wave After Wave

category: Passing

Rugby Wave After Wave Passing Keep your player briefing, brief! ... The scrum half starts the attacking line by passing a ball from the ground at ......

Passing Grid

category: Passing

Rugby Passing Grid Passing Set up a grid of about 10 x 10 Aim to have 12 ... the ball and runs towards the first defender, before passing off to a su...

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