Out The Back Passing

category: Decision-making

Rugby Out The Back Passing Decision making Groups of 6+ Ball 3 Attackers line up opposite 2 defenders. The ball carrier takes the ball hard up to the...

Offloading Out The Back

category: Off-Loads

Description. The aim of the exercise is to develop ball control and one hand offloading “out the back”. Coaching points. Ball Carrier look to get...

Step Back

category: Sevens

Rugby Step Back Sevens Players start at the cones, pass the ball one circuit clockwise and one circuit anticlockwise. Following the two circuits, the...

Box Back

category: Sevens

Rugby Box Back Sevens Tell your players the following..... Pass the ball around, clockwise. After each circuit of the ball, take one half step back a...


Community Drills


9 hits winger running a b line from ghost position, 12 comes short to support and clean while 10 hits out the back.


9 hits 10. 10 takes to the line and floats the pace to the space, 12 short, winger out the back of 12


Once a driving maul has been initiated and we have some go forward 8 will look to break off the back and feed 9 who will attack the 1st defender.9 the...

4s off 15

4s off 15yellow - halfbackred - play maker (10/15)white - outside backsblue - forwardblud ruck pad - d backwhite ruck pad - d forwardsquare - 5person ...