Rip And Ruck

category: Maul

Rugby Rip and Ruck Maul Players stand in a circle, about 5 meters apart. Two player, one with a ball, positioned in the centre of the circle. The bal...

Driving Maul

category: Maul

Rugby Driving Maul Maul 3 attackers against two defenders with contact pads. Ball carrier takes ball into contact turning before hitting pads and pre...

Mini Maul Technique

category: Maul

Rugby Mini Maul Technique Maul Groups of 8 split into four groups of 2 Players pass and, chase the space, until coach shouts - Maul, at which time th...

Ram Raid

category: Maul

Rugby Ram Raid Maul This game is designed to teach the players to work together to drive a maul forward and keep control of the ball. Set Up a fieldÂ...

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