L-Shaped Passing

category: Passing

Rugby L-Shaped Passing Passing Lets get the ball and the players moving with lateral passing through the hands. Each training area only needs one bal...

Fast Hands

category: Passing

Rugby Fast Hands Passing Drill to practice fast, accurate passing. Set up a T shape with 3 cones ... L-Shaped Passing Drill Thumbnail View this drill...

Continuous Passing Onto Cones

category: Passing

Rugby Continuous passing onto cones Passing Players line up at least 2 or 3 behind a cone. The ball starts ... L-Shaped Passing Drill Thumbnail View ...

3 'V' 2

category: Passing

Rugby 3 'v' 2 Passing This is a simple 3 v 2. The three attackers have to get past the two ... L-Shaped Passing Drill Thumbnail View this drill. L-Sh...

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Community Drills

L shape passing practice

Blue team pass down their lineAt end of line pass to red team and then take their places.Red team who do same.

Passing Skills

L Shaped grid with 4 players on either side. Simply to run up and down grid and last man to pass to first on the opposite angle