L-Shaped Passing

category: Passing

Rugby L-Shaped Passing Passing Lets get the ball and the players moving with lateral passing through the hands. Each training area only needs one bal...

L For Long!

category: Sevens

Rugby L For LONG! Sevens What you should have is your players lined up to work within a small L. Give the ball to the last player in the first line o...

L With Defenders

category: Passing

Rugby L With Defenders Passing Keep your player briefing, brief! It's important to get your players working as quickly as possible. Lets get the ball...

Continuous Passing Onto Cones

category: Passing

Rugby Continuous passing onto cones Passing Players line up at least 2 or 3 behind a ... Related DrillsOften Used With: ... L-Shaped Passing Drill Th...

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Developed Passing Drill If the Performers are not being challenged by the original drill I can quite easily develop it into this more advanced drill t...