3-Kick Warmup

category: Kicking

Rugby 3-Kick Warmup Kicking Drill to warm up/practice different types of kick. Players form two lines in the 15m channels with all the balls starting...

Counter Attack (From Kick).

category: Decision-making

Rugby Counter Attack (from kick). Decision making Player X kicks to receivers A, B & C, while players Y & Z chase the kick followed by X. Players A, ...

Goal Kick Follow Through

category: Kicking

Description. • The aim of the drill is to develop players follow through after the strike. Coaching points. Focus on hips and chest square onto the...

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Community Drills

Black Ball - Blindside Strike Move

Blindside Strike move off scrum or lineout#9 feeds #10 who feeds #12#12 switches play with long pass to blindside winger #11#11 goes for the line or k...