Keep Passing

category: Sevens

Tell your players the following..... 3 players start on the right cones. The remaining 3 players will be running, they start at the top of the grid. ...

Keep The Ball Game

category: Passing

Tell your players the following: One group of two players will be defenders, you might want to give them bibs. The attackers just need to keep the ba...

Building Speed Onto The Ball

category: Passing

The speed of the pass should be reasonable and provide the interceptors with a chance of success. Tell the players the following.... The rest of th...

Tight & Wide

category: Passing

Tell the players the following: On your whistle the ball carrier and the support player come forward off their cones. The ball carrier passes the bal...

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Public Drills

Crusaders Drill - Step 3 (Finish)

Keep Passing across line until the ball gets to the 4th man.Last man in group 1, will deliver a soft pass to ball carrier in Group 2, & the proces...