Tackling Technique Choke

category: Tackling

Description. The aim of the drill is to develop a double tackle from both sides, Left and Right. Coaching points. Attacker steps the middle defender ...

Choke Tackle Progression

category: Tackling

Rugby Choke Tackle Progression Tackling 5 stage progression session. Bibs. Balls Cones. 1. Warm up - Wrestle One player with the ball trys to fight t...


category: Tackling

Rugby Tackle Tackling Start with this simple tackling drill with no resistance to the tackle to get your players warmed up and used to contact.


category: Tackling

Rugby 4v3-realign Tackling 4 sausages 4 Bags The sausages and bags are lined up alternately in a line. 8 defenders start lined up outside of the tack...