Presenting The Ball

category: Ball-Presentation

Rugby Presenting The Ball Ball Presentation Good for younger rugby players to learn how to go into contact and set up the ball at pace, you can use i...

Presenting The Ball In A Circle

category: Ball-Presentation

Rugby Presenting The Ball In A Circle Ball Presentation A circle must be set up for player/coach to walk around. The players must be in pairs with on...

Ball Presentation On Tackle

category: Ball-Presentation

Rugby Ball Presentation on Tackle Ball Presentation When tackled go to ground in a safe controlled manner Ball in two hands Do not put hands or elbow...

Jack Knife

category: Ball-Presentation

Rugby Jack Knife Ball Presentation The aim of the drill is to develop positive work after the tackle when held or stuck.

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Community Drills

Nicks attack and defend rucking drill

three players lay on their backs the middle player has a ball.The player with the ball touches the defender and rolls and presents the ball.the defend...

Unit/Mini Unit Skills

Forwards:Scrums & Line Outs (Attack)*Set up Defense with Tackle Shields & Make Contacts with shields.*Protect Ball in Contact & create continuity.Back...

Ball presentation

player 1 carries the ball and is tackled by defender 1 then presents the ball.player 2 picks and goes.and repeat.presentationstrong tackling