category: Backs-Moves

Rugby Connaught Backs Moves Carries the ball forward, inviting the defence to press up. 10 Passes to 12. 10 loops around 12 following their pass, 10 ...

Blitz Defence

category: Defensive-Patterns

Rugby Blitz Defence Defensive Patterns WHY? Put pressure on attacking side. Force ball back inside. More numbers in defence than attackers. WHEN?

Last 15 Defence Drill

category: Defensive-Patterns

Rugby Last 15 Defence Drill Defensive Patterns A drill to practice defending in wide channels. Set up a grid that is 40m wide and 20m long, with the ...

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backs defence left hand scrum

7takes inside space between 10 and scrum (cuts) if 15 from opposite team isnt used 13 goes to winger and 14 can stay back for kick

Backs Defence

DefenceBACK LINE DEFENCE - 20 X 30 AREA • By pairs, both players face down - Stand up on signal • Yellow (A1) Kick the ball towards score li...

Backs Defence- Counter

BACK 3 COUNTER ATTACK - SPRINT TO SUPPORT3D(Tocounterattack)Vs3A- 20x202D (11/14) face down - 15 facing the game (sweeper)On signal:A grubber kick tow...