Left Out

category: Warm-Up

The players behind start running around the circle in a clockwise direction. When the coach shouts ATTACK, each player must get back to their partner...

Passing Left To Right

category: Passing

Strong grip, thumbs are out, hold the ball high with fingers pointing to the sky. Keeping your hips square pass the ball across your body, finishing w...

Right To Left With A Switch

category: Passing

Players in pairs with a ball between them. The player on the right starts with the ball and passes the ball to the player to the left. The player wit...

Realignment And Passing

category: Match-Related

Out in 4s - simple hands - When players reach the end they should turn left. Group realigns around the cone and then use simple hands to finish. You c...

Web Videos

Rugby home workout

Check out our gym www.wattagept.com Here is a good way to develop stability, strength, endurance, and power with no gym equipment. As you get better a...