Attack/Defend Big Time

category: Sevens

Rugby Attack/Defend Big Time Sevens Tell your players the following. ... However, before each team can start their attack/defence, they must all run ...

Kick Off Targets

category: Kicking

Rugby Kick Off Targets Kicking The aim of the drill improve kick offs and accuracy.

Off-Loading Box

category: Sevens

Rugby Off-Loading Box Sevens Tell your players the following...... The defender must make a tackle. The primary ball carrier must take the ball into ...

Rugby Gaelic Football

category: Sevens

Rugby Rugby Gaelic Football Sevens Tell the players the following laws....... One ... The ball is passed by kicking, and can travel in any direction....

Web Videos

School of sevens: the art of kicking

Let Santiago Gomez Cora, Ben Ryan and more run you through the importance of kicking in rugby sevens Follow World Rugby on social media: Official Webs...