Modified Game - 12 Vs 12

category: Match-related

Rugby League Modified Game - 12 vs 12 Match related Pupils are put into teams of 12 (with larger groups ... Play a full game incorporating :- 6 vs 6 ...

Pro 1

category: Backs-Moves

Rugby PRO 1 Backs Moves See the diagram for the suggested starting positions. 10 advances with the ball. 12 advances, 13 provides support with 14. 11...

Lesson 3 Layout

category: Tag-rugby

Rugby League Lesson 3 Layout Tag rugby. ... Rugby League Drill Demonstration ... More Tag rugby Drills ... Game - 6 vs 4. view drill ... Six Nations ...

Movement Warm Up

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Movement Warm Up Warm Up Passing warm up game Two teams No moving with the ball (similar to netball) Aim is to complete 10 passes If a team .....

Web Videos


Offloading - Keeping the ball alive

Cross the gain line and Improve how your players handle the pressure with this quick rugby session - designed to improve passing/offloading during and...

Community Drills

The 6 Nations Game

Warm-up game for U6s upwards; exercises body through a full range of motions, and also teaches children about the wider rugby world.Set up a large gri...