10 Pass Game 2

category: small-match-playing

Defending team try to prevent this and try to TOUCH an attacker in possession of the ball or intercept. Once an ... Handball rugby game Drill Thumbna...

Crash Mat Tag

category: 111-running-jumping-moving

Handball Crash mat Tag 111 running/jumping/moving In this game players run inside the area and attempt to avoid being caught by the taggers. Players ...

Pass - Defend

category: small-match-playing

1 point is scored when the defenders touch a player in possession of the ball (attackers must pass very quickly) ... Handball rugby game Drill Thumbn...

Handball Rugby Game

category: small-match-playing

Handball Handball rugby game small match playing Playing inside half a court at both sides there is a coned area about 2 meters deep. Each team must ...

Web Videos

Five's touch rugby - trailer officiel

Le Five's Touch Rugby : Du Rugby à toucher à 5 joueurs, disputé sur un terrain de Handball ! Des règles spécifiques, des essais, un bon état d'esprit,...