Swiss Handball

category: Movement

Tennis Swiss Handball Movement This game requires two or more teams. Both teams are trying to place the ball into the opposing team's hoop, however t...

323 Defenders Movements

category: 323-defenders-movements

Handball 323 defenders movements 323 defenders movements Attackers shoot at the goal after receiving the baal from their partner. Defender blocks the...

Body Defense

category: 323-defenders-movements

Handball Body defense 323 defenders movements Defenders try to defend their cones by only using their body, so no hands and arms allowed to hold theƂ...

111 Running/Jumping/Moving

category: 111-running-jumping-moving

Handball 111 running/jumping/moving 111 running/jumping/moving One tag man trying to tag other players. There is one hoop less then the number of pl...

Defensive Stance

category: 323-defenders-movements

Handball Defensive stance 323 defenders movements As players run forward to defend they should think about their stance and approach: They should tak...

Tag My Tail

category: 111-running-jumping-moving

Handball tag my tail 111 running/jumping/moving Players form a long queue. Hands on shoulders or hips. The front player moves to tag the last player ...

Tag In Circle

category: 111-running-jumping-moving

Handball tag in circle 111 running/jumping/moving Player green 1 is trying to tag player red 1. Player green 1 may go through the circle, the tag man...

Around The Circle

category: 323-defenders-movements

Handball Around the circle 323 defenders movements Players pass the ball clockwise around the area. The players nearest the end players receive the b...

Rats And Ravens

category: 111-running-jumping-moving

Handball rats and ravens 111 running/jumping/moving Two teams, opposite. One team is called the RAVENS the other the RATS. When calling out one of th...

Playing Tag

category: 111-running-jumping-moving

Handball playing tag 111 running/jumping/moving You cannot be tagged if : - lying on the floor on your back - lying on the floor on your tummy.

Web Videos

Handball trick moves

Handball Skills 1 : https://youtu.be/wBTyDOntTuY Handball skills 2 :https://youtu.be/m6fJ3qOkvzo Handball skills 3 :https://youtu.be/rej_JytDa2k Handb...


The Give and Go

Use the Give and Go in handball to create space, get past defenders and give your team the attacking edge!

Goalkeeper Training - Fitness Work

During training, goalkeepers can often be forgotten and are given little technical work or coaching. This session focuses solely on the goalkeepers, w...


Community Drills

Dive Shot Pivot

1. Out of step - or turning movement, you make a movement forward with your body bent forward.Take off with one or two feet. Bend forward with ankle, ...

easy play 1 school 8-9

ok play doted lines mean player movement red exsplosion mean a fackieblack lines mean ball movement

Through the Gate

In pairs, they have to throw the ball through the cones. If their partner catches the ball, then they get a point. First pair to score 5 points wins.B...

2v2 and 2v3

2 defenders against 2 attackers after few rounds add another attacker, can be center or pivot.change defenders after every round.defenders' movem...