Dive Shot Pivot

category: 319-diving-and-shooting

Description. Pass diagonally B3-B3 or B2-B1. Passes : - normal - hard - bounce pass - high. Coaching points. dive shot 1. Out of step- or turning mov...

Dive Shot Technique - Forward

category: 319-diving-and-shooting

Handball Dive Shot Technique - Forward 319 diving and shooting Make a movement forward with your trunk bent forward. 1. Take off with one or two feet...

Dive Shot Match

category: 217-shooting-defend-shooting

Handball Dive shot match 217 shooting/defend shooting Each group has a bench with cones placed on it, a falling mat and a ball. The objective for pla...

Dive Shot Pivot

category: 521-Shooting-back-court-players

Handball dive shot pivot 521 Shooting back court players Passes B1 - B2 who throws at the goal 8 times in succession.

Web Videos

3 winger types of shot

I thought It would be interesting to slow motion handball shots, and to see in this case how handball wingers make a decision according to the goalkee...