Passing to your Pivot and the Diving Shot

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This week we focus on your team's offensive play, particularly in the third wave when you're looking to work the ball around the court and squeeze the ball through to your pivot.

To prevent your players from becoming predictable we practice getting the ball up to your pivot player quickly to create shooting opportunities. Through a combination of speed passing and movement drills your players will practice running up court at pace, spinning off their markers and shooting on goal!

When should my team use this style of play?

This attacking play is ideal for when the opposition have closed the gaps around the zone. You players will need to work the ball around the court to lure their defenders out of position and that's precisely what we work on in this week's session, with the core focus on getting the ball to your pivot on the edge of the 6 meter line.

Use this attacking passing and shooting session with your players today and improve their offensive game!

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