2:1 Duel

category: 538-fast-break

Handball 2:1 duel 538 fast break Attacker 1 dribble towards the goal is defended by defender red 1 and passes to attacker 2 who throws at the goal. O...

Sumo Duel

category: 113-pulling-pushing

Handball Sumo Duel 113 pulling/pushing Two children of approximately the same height and weight stand either side of a line on the pitch. On your cal...

Dribble Duel

category: 218-dribbling-defence-of-dribbling

Handball Dribble Duel 218 dribbling/defence of dribbling Half the group are dribbling around whilst the other half are trying to snatch the ball from...

Simple 1V1 Duel

category: 218-dribbling-defence-of-dribbling

Handball Simple 1v1 duel 218 dribbling/defence of dribbling Attacker 1 dribble towards the goal is defended by defender blue 1 and tries to score a g...

Dribbling Duel

category: 218-dribbling-defence-of-dribbling

Handball Dribbling duel 218 dribbling/defence of dribbling One player dribbles while their partner tries to get the ball from them. To start with pla...

Duel Then To Diagonal Run

category: 327-close-defence-for-attacker

Handball Duel then to Diagonal Run 327 close defence for attacker The attacking players take it in turns to forward and take on the defender. They ar...

1: 1 Duels

category: 218-dribbling-defence-of-dribbling

Handball 1: 1 duels 218 dribbling/defence of dribbling Attackers try to score a goal when defended by one defender. After their shot the attacker col...

Dribbling Duel

category: 115-ballskill-activities

Handball Dribbling duel 115 ballskill activities One player dribbles while their partner tries to get the ball from them. To start with players shoul...

Pivot - Duel With Defender

category: 521-Shooting-back-court-players

Handball pivot - duel with defender 521 Shooting back court players Pass 2 - 3 who comes a bit forward out of the defender's reach, receives the ball...

Hoepel Duel 3:3

category: 113-trekken-duwen

Handball hoepel duel 3:3 113 trekken/duwen 6 hoepels waarin 6 kinderen. Andere kinderen proberen hen eruit te - duwen - trekken Steeds een andere ho...

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Amazings handball 1 vs 1 !

Voici les meilleurs 1 contre 1 du Handball,Que vous soyez fan de handball ou que vous aimez le contenu de ma chaine, Abonnez vous!

Handball feints collection vol #1

The purpose of handball feint is to fool the opponent. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ▷ ... You must make the opponent believe you intend to do one ...


Defending Like The Spaniards

Defending has grown into an art. Get your defence structured, ordered and ready for anything an attack has in their armoury.



Community Drills

Pase al espacio con 2 duelos previos

El atacante situado en el cono del medio corre a por el balón que está en el cono de delante. Cuando inicia la carrera el derfensor situado en el cono...

1:1 duelspil i 2 ender

Forsvar med genplacering for A og F.Mulige udfald af duelspillet:a) Kommer man frem, og A lige har modtaget bolden, skal man falde tilbage og så...

2:2 udad i banen

Boldskifte i fløjen til skud. Genplacering for backen - spil til T - duel.Idet der spilles duel, skal F begynde at søge højde - o...