Mini Handball

category: 116-passing-intercepting-finding-space-and-defending

Two teams, each with goalkeepers, play across a half-court sized pitch. Play with normal rules.

1V1 Defending The Pivot

category: 327-close-defence-for-attacker

Player passes to the pivot who then tries to turn and shoot. The defender must work hard to mirror the pivot and prevent them from shooting on goal.

Defending Behaviour

category: 543-defence-man-to-man

It is permitted: a) To use an open hand to play the ball out of the hand of another player. b) To use bent arms to make body contact with an opponent,...

Defending Pivot

category: 327-close-defence-for-attacker

Situation in red circle occurs when the pivot manages to catch the ball and wants to throw at the goal.

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