Crossing and Defending Against Crosses

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Crosses can have a major impact on handball matches, and this week we cover everything you need to improve your team's crossing ability, both going forward and in your own half.

As you will know, it's not all about scoring goals in handball, it's about keeping them out too. That's why this week, instead of focusing on just attacking, we cover the whole pitch and teach your team how to defend against crosses, as well as how to utilise crosses to the max when attacking.

What's in the session?

We start the session with a simple warm up to get your players ready before teaching your defenders the principles of defending against crosses. The defenders then use what they have learnt as we get the attackers working on their crosses and their ability to beat defenders with them. This is followed by match-like fast break drills, before ending in a fun game where players can show how well they've adapted to what they've learnt.

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