Teddy Roll

category: Key-2-Body-Conditioning

Gymnastics Teddy roll Key 2 Body Conditioning From straddle sit: Hands grasp legs behind knees (maintain this shape throughout skill). Pull knee to e...

Forward Roll Through Pike. Progression 9

category: Key-1-Content-Forward-roll

Gymnastics Forward Roll through pike. Progression 9 Key 1 Content Forward roll Starting in squat position complete forward roll with legs extended an...

Side Roll

category: Key-4-Body-Temperature-Raising-2

Gymnastics Side Roll Key 4 Body Temperature Raising 2 Commence with arms horizontal taking weight on bent left knee and extended right leg. Lower lef...

Forward Roll Progression 6

category: Key-1-Content-Forward-roll

Gymnastics Forward Roll Progression 6 Key 1 Content Forward roll Forward roll from tuck squat to tuck squat.

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Community Drills

Copy of Preschool Gym Week one

This was the obstacle course set up for week one for training.* Kids start by practing Lunge (arms up by there ears) into hand stand.*Next is cartwhee...

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The number game - run around - shout a number - they have to get into groups with that amount - eg if you shout 2, they have to get into pairsOnce the...

Warm up (10 mins)

Starting with activity to increase HR and Stretches to be conpatible with skill.Push me- Pull me. (Pepsi Max)Forward rolls. (Sausage roll)Backwar...

Warm up game (Disaster Game)

Weather game with actions. Coach calls out a certain weather disaster and kids do the actions accordingly. The last one to do the action needs to do a...