One Point Balances

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Gymnastics One Point Balances Key 3 Balance From 'Y' stand bring leg up and behind the body. Hold. (Simple Arabesque) Bring leg to mats. Raise leg fu...

Shoulder Balances

category: Key-3-Balance

Gymnastics Shoulder Balances Key 3 Balance From Long Sit raise arms to point away from shoulders and rock back to tuck balance. Extend legs and body ...

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The types of balances in gymnastics

The Types of Balances in Gymnastics. Part of the series: Advanced Gymnastics Tips. A few balances that gymnasts learn from a young age include the ...

Community Drills

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Whilst they are in the listening circle ask them to get into pairs quickly and quietly.With them still sat down, instruct them that they are going to ...

Bean Bag Posture Race

In and out of cones balancing a bean bag. bad posture goes back to the beginnning or dropping the bean bag.Keep an eye on arms and posture.