Catching Relay

category: Catching

Cricket Catching relay Catching Player 1 rolls the ball out for player 2 to run onto and catch. Player 2 flicks the ball back to 1 who catches it and...

Catching Relay

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

Cricket Catching relay Ground fielding and throwing Player 1 rolls the ball out for player 2 to run ... Player 2 flicks the ball back to 1 who catche...

Throw And Catch Up And Down

category: Catching

Cricket Throw and catch up and down Catching Create a mini-pitch for every two players. In the picture there are 4 pairs and 4 pitches. Players must ...

Catch And Duck

category: Catching

Cricket Catch and Duck Catching This drill is designed to test your players ... hits the ball and the first player takes the catch, and ducks down, s...

Web Videos


Pre Season: Preparing your Bowlers

It?s vital to get your bowlers back on top of their game without rushing it. Build up their technique and workload with their session that clearly out...


Off Spin Bowling

Bowling spin is a fine art. Get it right and you?ll be the fear of every batsman walking out to the middle!


Flat Catch and the Back Foot Drive

The back foot drive is the ideal shot to exploit space between the mid-on and cover. Use this plan to improve players' balance and quick feet movement...



Community Drills

Warm Down

Two teams of four players start at a cone with 4 balls per team.Four cones will be placed in a line in front of each team. The first player takes a ba...