Cricket Drill Demonstration



  • Set up two cones half way down the wicket, one central and one leg side.
  • Feed from a bobble feed.
  • Batter to hit from the front foot drive set position, knees and feet facing down the wicket, and aiming for one of the two cones. 
  • If the shot is an on drive (towards left cone), batter to hold the shape, and take small steps towards the direction of the shot to the cone. 
  • If the shot is a straight drive (middle cone), batter to simply hold the shape.

Coaching points

  • Ensure feet and knees are facing down the wicket. "Laces down the wicket".
  • Shoulder out of the way for an open chest. 
  • Head over the front foot and ensure players are not stepping too far across so that good balance is maintained. 

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