Star Pass And Follow Drill

category: Passing

Ball starts on one of the corners. This player passes and follows the ball into the middle. The middle player catches the ball and pass / follows th...

Star Passing

category: Passing

5 Players with 2 basketballs.Players in a star formation.Player 1 passes to player 3 who then passes to player 5. Player 5 then passes to player 2, w...

Star Passing Drill

category: Passing

Players set up about 10-15 feet apart as shown in video. Players must follow their pass to the next passing position. The final pass will to a player ...

Line Pepper Pot Drill

category: Passing

Players line up as shown. 2 Basketballs are passed between Player 1 and the other players in a rapid fashion, using either chest or bounce pass.

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Quick fire warm-up drills

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