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mouthguards for u9s

Hi i was just wondering what the regulations were for u9s and the wearing of mouthguards,i have a player that wants to play but he has recently been fitted with braces on his teeth and cannot wear a mouth guard

I believe that he or she can wear a mouthguard.  It needs fitting by the dentist.  The cost of a properly fitted mouthguard is tiny compared to the cost of fixing broken teeth.  If a child has braces, their parents should understand, as they clearly value their child's teeth!

The RFU recommendation is in the Safegurading toolkit document:

Mouthguards: whilst the wearing of a mouthguard is not mandatory, it is a recommendation that all age grade players wear one. It is, however, mandatory in certain competitions and festivals.

Thats what i thought Benita ,thanks for the reply, i thought a dentist may be able to fit one


Dean agree with Benita that it is good to get the kids wearing mouthguards as soon as they start going into contact in fact I know that many clubs insist upon this.  There are mouthguards that you can buy that are designed for braces that do nolt have to be fitted by a dentist for example the Opro Ortho Gold Mouthguard - For Braces (see description below).  There are numerous ones on the market as a search on the internet will show you which are signifcantly cheaper than a dentist one which can cost up to £150. 

he Opro Ortho Gold Mouthguard is the ultimate orthodontic mouthguard. This mouthguard offers superior protection, comfort and retention available specifically for wearers of fixed braces. Two materials, tough outer shell, specially designed fins, and unique inner channel to house the orthodontic appliance.

thanks David i think ive seen those for sale on ebay, many thanks for the recommendation.


No matter what their age and whether contact or not it is good to get kids wearing a mouthguard. The more they wear them the more comfortable they are when they have to wear them.

I agree with all the answers above, And thanks Mike- that is the general idea. Aside from protecting kids' teeth they  have to be comfortable with the mouthguard as they grow up. 


where i have been living during the last but one year Portugal Mouth guards are compulsory at all levels, from the youngest to the most senior, i personally agree with compulsory mouth guard protection, not only does it protect your teeth it absorbs the shock during contact thus avoiding injury.

all great answers guys many thanks, and yes i agree with compulsory mouthguards too, the player in questions dentist said she wouldnt make one as his teeth would change shape /position in his mouth  whilst in the brace so his mum wemt for the Ortho gold one and he is doing fine with it, would have been a shame to lose him for a few sesons while he had it in.

Again thanks for the recommendation s guys


Thank you for all your answers.

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