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coaching under 9s next year, where do I start?

Hi, I’m coaching under 9s next year which involves tackling, mauls, rucks etc. I’m after advise on what to coach first and the amount of time spent on each area. Added to this I’ve somehow become the lead coach after a couple of coaches stepped down (feeling a little under pressure!) Would anybody be willing to share any sessions so I can plan the first month or so. Cheers


Got to start with tackling (and then more tackling).  Loads of grappling warmup stuff (gets them used to bumpig into geach other and wrestling).  Then teaching the tackle - starting with the "happy cats" body positon (bent legs and nice straight backs).  Then some very guided tackling (starting at walking pace with the tackler on their knees) before moving to something approaching half pace.

Then rucks.  I'd forget about trying to teach mauling, get them to get the ball on the gorund ruck over and get the pass away.  

Finally (unless you are in the experimental areas) - you need to teach the scrum and the line out.  even though these are unopposed, getting the team in to good habits (especially for the scrum which is mostly about posture) will keep them safe.  

Best of luck!

exactly the same question. kind of daunting. All my players are dead keen to get into contact rugby. There so eager i think we got to do it as safely as possible. I heard of the grappling an wrestling. putting two of them in a grid and try to get them to wrestle eachother out. and dont be afraid to stick bigger boys against the smaller ones. I wish you all the luck in the world. im a little apprihensive to so should be interesting



Alex, where in the country are you coaching?  Some CBs have recently announced that they are implementing the new Shaping the Game rules from September 2012, others are still considering it.  That would change what you need to coach considerably, basically it is just a one on one tackle (no rucks, mauls, lineouts at all).  I think that it is very positive, but the way the CBs / RFU are now rolling it out  is a bit of a last minute shambles.

There is also a Tag to Tackle CPD Course which could be very useful to you, plus Rugby Ready and Level 1.  Other wise the suggestions above are pretty good.

Good luck!

My focus would be on tackling, presentation of the ball and to get the backs passing with depth and pace. In wales we do not have mauls or line outs - it's all about the technique of the tackle and handling skills.

Rugby ready and Level 1 are essential to attend at this stage.

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  • create your own professional coaching plans
  • or access our tried and tested plans