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I've started a team in the Cape Verdean Islands, we?

I've started a team in the Cape Verdean Islands, we need help, does anyone know how to find rugby sponsor??  I was able to get enough balls sent from abroad, but these guys don't even have mouthguards.  Anyone ever done this before??


To help first of all - have a look at "6 stages of Rugby" on the tab above as that should help you introduce the game through a series of games and drills.

In terms of other equipment you need, perhaps you will be OK with just balls, cones and bibs. A sponsor will need to get something back for their investment and it may take a while before your team has anything to offer in terms of publicity?

I wish you good luck and it is great to see that you have the passion to start a team on the Islands!


I was hoping they would simply feel warm and fuzzy inside from having helped out a poor african team :-)  Isn't that how it works?  I don't see the tab you mentioned but I will google the "6 stages of rugby" thanks!

Hi Mareika,

Google a template for a professional letter. Lay out the reasons why the team was founded, what the core values of the team are, what the players gain from playing etc. State clearly what it is that you are looking for: x rand for gumshields, x rand for kit, x rand for transport costs etc. If you are vague they will not wish to be onboard. Send a copy to all the local businesses and the municipality too. Ask them to be a part of this project which benefits the whole community.

You could even target certain businesses with certain costs and highlight certain community benefits which may be a mutual benefit to them (developing disciplined players with a strong team based work ethic).

Hope this helps


Hi Mareika,

You might have already got in touch with the IRB, but have you checked out [link removed] might be of help, if not - no harm done. Good luck with getting things going!

The system cut the link out there - the link was for IRB SOS KIT AID - google it.

Thanks for all the advice, I have already talked to the municipalities, the best they can do for us is try and bring electricity to the field, if I on my own manage to get ahold of 4 telephone poles....simple, don't they sell those on every block??  I work and live in Cape Verde and as much as people like to pretend they support community development projects like this NO ONE does financially at least.  I can't blame them, most people are very poor and my university is always broke so no help from them except for transportation when we have games, which is actually a HUGE help when the time comes.  I really need to look for financing abroad because I have already looked here and come up empty.  The other aspect is that the equipment and things that I need I simply can't buy here.  They need to be purchased abroad and sent.  I have contacted via email the IRB and as many rugby clubs as I can possibly find online.  Any more advice??? Please feel free to keep responding.  I REALLY want to help these guys.  

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