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Does anyone have drawings for a SCRUM MACHINE?

Does anyone have drawings for a SCRUM MACHINE. I've started a club in Chengdu,China. Too expensive to import. Thinking of getting one made. Need prints for a simple machine

You get in touch with one of the suppliers of scrum machines. Try Rhino in England.

You will find them through Google.

Ram Rugby sell a wood version of a scrum type sledge, you can find them on the web [link removed]

If it's China, I would think that grass (lack of) might be a problem. If you are near an industrial area, utilise the local talent. In my technical high school in Japan, we made rough sketches, asked a former student architect to make real plans, and then asked a small factory owning old boy to make the machine. It was made according to our strict requirements, and we gained from it immensely. It was as cheap as it could be (350,000 Japanese yen), made of steel for durability, and it was in great demand. That's the way I would go.

Dear Jonny


I myzelf are looking for the same to bild a scrummachine for a dutch rugby club.


Can you maybe help ?


Hendrie Lamers


I'm in Solomon Islands and would like to have a scrum machine built here. Importing one is a bit expensive so if I can get some drawings and advice, building one would be the option.

Peza Wickham

Unfortunately many of the people posting a requirement for designs are from the poorer anations involved in Rugby, so suggestions to contact the likes of the major manufacturers is somewhat a bit self serving on the part of IRB employees who are most likely in close contact / contract with the manufacturers.  I am in Thailand and am also looking for such designs for a small University team who are totally unfunded making it absolutely pointless to contact major manufacturers.

I have a plan for a scrum machine. Living in Africa one needs to 'make a plan' I worked with a doctor, carpenter and metal fabricator to design the 'SKRUM of the Earth' scrum machine. We have put together twenty three SKRUM of the Earth and everyone seems happy.

I have designed a scrum sled and had it fabricated from aluminum so it will not rust. The sled is light weight for easy transport and will hold many players for weight while in use. If you would like a scanned copy of the drawing let me know. I had it built at a fabrication shop for $625.00. A steel version may be alot cheaper. Email me at [link removed]

I am building a sled for the high school team I help out with and need to know the width betwee the pads.I believe the height to the center of the pads is 2 foot but again am unsure of the spacing.I'm assuming it would be around 1 foot any assistance would begreatly appreciated


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