Volleyball Drill Demonstration


In fours have two players on one side, the other two on the other side of the net.

All of them make one team. Have the players on either side of the net face each other, with one player standing at the net, the other on the attack line.

Player 1 then passes the ball to player 2 (who is standing nearest to the baseline on the opposite side of the net) Player 2 then passes to player 3 (who is standing facing player 2 on his/her side of the net).

Player 3 then returns the ball back to player 2, who in turn passes back over the net to player 1.

At this point player 2 and 3 swap positions. Player 1 then passes to player 4 (who is standing facing player 1 on his/her side of the net).

Player 4 then returns the passes the ball back to player 1, who in turn passes back over the net to the player standing on the attack line.At this point player 1 and 4 swap positions

Coaching points

The aim is to pass the ball to the net which is then passed back to attack line and then set to the pair on the other side.

The team which is able to keep passing the ball over the net over 1,2 and 3 minutes scores 1 point.


Increase the players' distance from the net to force leg work while maintaining accuracy with the passes.

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Drill tags: movement, passing

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