Competitive passing and court awareness drills

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Develop your players? hand-eye coordination and agility through fun drills aimed at instilling a competitive edge into your team.

This session introduces your players to passing, digging, non-dominant hand control and spiking skills in 2v2 game scenarios. Put something on it to make it a bit more interesting too!

Developing a competitive edge while honing skills

By introducing a competitive element your players will hone and develop a match winning instinct while developing their skills.

In pairs, groups of three and four, your players? will enhance their spatial awareness around the court which will help them make better decisions and get in better positions on the court to play the ball in matches.

The 2v2 and three person drills will also boost your players? on court attention span to ensure they remain switched on throughout matches by having them work together in smaller areas and in pairs to pass multiple balls over the net and win points.

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