Volleyball Drill Demonstration


Split your team into groups of three and set up as shown in the picture with one feeder and two runners.

  1. The feeder will roll the ball out in any direction and the player will have to sprint to get to the ball, pass it back to the feeder and rejoin the back of the queue at their starting position.
  2. The next feeder player will repeat this before joining the back of the queue.

Having only two players recieving means that there is rarely a chance for rest.

Coaching points

This is a great drill to replicate game- type pressure and add to your team's existing drills.

Make sure players are working extremely hard; sprinting to receive the ball and jogging back to position. Players will rarely get a chance to have a break so this is a great high intensity drill.

Repeat the process for 1-2 minutes before changing roles.

Drill tags: bend, collect, plyometrics, run, threes, warm up

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