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The ball is served to player 1, who is standing in zone 6. Player 1 then digs up the ball (a) to player 2 (standing close to the net in zone 2). Player 3 then throws the ball (b) from zone 4 to player 1 who has to either bump or set the ball (c) depending on the way the ball is fed to them. Player 2 then feeds the ball (d) to player 1, who again either has to bump or set the ball (e). After a set number of repetitions of the previous steps, player 1 must set the ball (f) from Zone 6 to Zone 4 for a spike (g).

Coaching points

To ensure the best possible game situation get your player in zone 6 to receive the served ball from different zones. Also get your players to feed balls in various ways, heights and to different parts of the court.


To improve your players accuracy, you can place a pendant or put rims or hoops on the court so all the balls must be digged towards them.

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