Volleyball Drill Demonstration


  1. Player 1 starts by serving from the base line and then enters the court.

  2. He/she then runs into the correct zone (zone 1), where player 2 (standing in zone 4) hits the ball to him/her around waist high. Player 1 then has to dig up the ball, and return it to player 2 as if setting up a spike.

  3. Player 1 then returns to their zone, where player 3 (from zone 2) hits the ball to them short in the middle of court. Player 1 then has to dig up the ball back to player 3.

  4. Player 1 then returns back to their zone and steps two to three are repeated.

Coaching points

This is a great way of getting your players to understand the zonal area they are expected to be in, whether defending or returning to their position after digging up the ball in preparation for the opposition's return.


For advanced players there might be also 3-meters attack introduced from Zone 1.

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Drill tags: digging, serving, setting, spiking

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