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Dealing with left-handers

Deal with left-handers effectively with this session, helping you adapt on court to tricky situations

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The coach stands next to the doubles alley and the player serves wide from the ad side. The player's goal is to serve to the coach.

Coaching points

Being able to start the point well with the serve is the priority for all players. Tennis serve offers great opportunities in spin, power, and placement to put pressure right from the beginning so players should develop many tactical scenarios to be able to vary their deliveries. If the player is confident and possess skills that allow him to dictate the point from the start, it is much easier for him to plan and execute service gem's strategy with high rate of success.

In this drill, the player works on a wide serve from the ad side. This exercise is designed to develop both technical and tactical skill. From technical standpoint, the player learns how to put more spin to place the ball close to the sideline and make it bounce away from the court. From tactical standpoint, the player puts the ball to the left-handed opponent forehand to open the backhand for the next shot. Too many players try to put the first ball right to the weaker side forgetting that it is much easier and less risky to firstly open the weakness with the ball to the strength. The coach should explain this to player before they serve to make sure that player is aware of this fact and focus on quality of the wide serve.

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