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Player starts from the baseline and moves forward after every shot. Coach throws balls at different heights and distances for Player to alternate hitting half volleys and regular volleys back to Coach.

Coaching points

In this drill, Player works on volleying skills. By alternating volleys and half-volleys, Player is forced to make constant technical adaptations. Additionally, position on the court changes so Player has to also take this into account during the practice. It is really important to control the ball and hit it softly back to the coach; when Player is able to do this with the correct technique and position on the court, Coach can increase the difficulty of the exercise and start feeding from the other side of the net. This drill is all about repetitions – the more reps Player makes with good quality, the easier it will be to use the shots effectively during in match play.

Drill tags: control, footwork, movement, positioning, tennis, volley

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