Tennis Drill Demonstration


  • Coach and player rally together.
  • Using 2 racquets each, coach and player have to always catch the ball between the racquets and then hit it over the net back to the partner.

Coaching points

  • By making all the players use both hands to catch the ball before the shot coach creates environment that has positive impact on many skills.
  • Firstly, player has to skillfully use both hands which is good for; backhand improvement, toss improvement, control of the body.
  • Secondly player works on ball perception and positioning which are priorities for tennis development at any level.
  • Lastly without proper focus it is impossible to maintain longer rally so mental work is also performed in this drill.
  • With more advanced players coach should set specific length of the rally to achieve to make players cooperate with each other and check their skills to repeat given action many times in a row.

Drill tags: ambidextrous, two hands, rally,

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