Tennis Drill Demonstration


  • Coach feeds the ball to player's backhand.
  • Player hits backhand down the line to coach.
  • Coach hits the ball back in the same direction.
  • Player hits backhand cross-court into open court.

Coaching points

In this drill, player works on consistency, control and directional change using a backhand stroke. By feeding and hitting with player, coach creates a much more interesting environment where player is motivated to work hard for longer periods. This method makes every ball different so player has to adapt all the time and can't allow himself to lose focus. Coach can change pace, depth and power of own strokes to challenge player's backhand and see if he can maintain good control over the ball in specific situations. Coach should also give specific a task for the exercise e.g not to hit any ball to the coach into the net or to hit given number of balls into the cross-court zone to take focus and motivation to the highest level.

Drill tags: backhand, change, direction, movement, tennis, variety

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