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Contact: Rucking technical session

Master the ?Smash? and the ?Roll? rucking technique so that when the pressure is on and a clear decision needs to be made, clearing the ruck becomes second nature to your players.

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  • Sausage 
  • Cones

After you have completed the bounce motion, you can bounce and fire. 

Fire - is by any means effect there breakdown and slow the ball down - when you realise you cant steal the ball. 

Jackal - stay on and win the ball over the break down.  

  • Players line up on the cones 
  • the first play makes a tackle on the sausage get s up and becomes the defender. (jackal)
  • the second player listens to the coloured cone the coach shouts and goes around that cone before trying to clear the (jackaler) 
  • The jackaler makes the decion to Jackle or Fire through the break down depending on the speed of the arriving defender. 

Coaching points

  • recognising where the game line is - positive of negative. 
  • Positive can attempt to fire and out ruch the opposition and steal ball. 
  • if player arrives slow try Jackal. 
  • as the player arrives to the break down makes an effective decion to fire or jackal.
  • Focus on body position low, stable, supporing own body weight.
  • Remeber must relase the player before competing for ball

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